Custom Facebook Timeline Design

Our Custom Facebook Design services begin with our Basic Package which covers the initial requirements including your Cover Photo, Profile Picture, and Custom Tab Images for your existing App Tabs. Our additional custom services take you to the next level of adding more Apps to your Facebook Business Page.

The possibilities are virtually endless with the things that can be done within a Facebook App page, and the old adage "There's more than one way to skin a cat." certainly applies here. We help you to provide the functionality and features on your Facebook Business Page in the best way possible for You! App Tabs can have anything from a single page displaying a Youtube video and supporting text, to entire 'Mini" eCommerce websites right inside of Facebook!


The cost will vary depending on the amount of work involved in adding your apps, but following is our basic pricing structure:

  • Single Page App with one 'widget', i.e. email contact form, opt-in form, YouTube Video, etc - $39
  • Single Page Apps requiring considerable setup, i.e. coupon app with contact capture. - $59
  • Detailed opt-in/info form linked to your contact management system, i.e. Vertical Response - $79
  • Single Page with eCommerce 'widget' , including image & desc., i.e. Paypal, Google, Amazon - $99
  • Single Page App with 2-3 'widgets', i.e. YouTube Video & opti-in form & comment feed - $99
  • "Mini" website running in an Iframe tab. See our Facebook Website page for more info.